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Offering a wide range of quality products like Insole Boards, Mosquito Mats, Absorbent Boards, Heels & Veneers, Cellulose Gaskets, etc.

Welcome to the world of high performance shoe materials

Ours is the world of high performance paper boards, synthetic fibre based material, Engineering Moulds and injected plastic components for varied application. Amren Boards Pvt. Ltd. and its associate Ticomp Heels Pvt. Ltd. offer a wide range of superior intermediate shoe materials, components, products for automotive, industrial sealing, mosquito repellant applications and battery absorbant boards from or plants in Lucknow, India. Our core competencies are in the field of specialty fibre materials, fibre-polymer interactions, Engineering Moulds and Plastic Injection.

As a member of SATRA Footwear Technology Centre, UK, we have access to the latest trends in shoe component materials and testing which have resulted in catering to the new conceptualizes production needs of our customers.

The Companies

Amren Boards Pvt. Ltd. and its associate Ticomp Heels Pvt. Ltd. offer the shoe manufacturers a wide range of superior intermediate shoe material from their plants in Lucknow, India. We are best known for our automation and specialization in the footwear sector.

Amren Boards Pvt. Ltd. is the sole manufacturer of Cellulosic Insole Boards in South Asia since 2009, with an existing capacity of 4000 metric tonnes a year proposed to be increased to 8000 metric tonnes by 2014. Our wide product range allows us to export to over ten countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific regions.

Ticomp Heels Pvt. Ltd. a joint venture with Spain manufacturing Moulds, Heels, Wedges, Platforms, Leather Veneers, Stiffener Material (toe-puff & counters), Interlinings and Non Woven Insoles.

Both these companies together offer a range of products: a capability only a few companies in the world possess.

The Products

Insole Materials

FLEXSOLE®,  AMREN®, RESITEX®, ALFADOX®, TEXOTEX® range of Insole Boards are available in over five grades, depending on end application and performance requirements.

Premium grades like A-100, A-20, A-40, A-300 are engineered to resist high degrees of flexural strain as well as abrasion and perspiration resistance. These are well suited for high performance footwear, including industrial and safety shoes.

At the lower end, our Flexsole C-105, C-405 & Texotex-777 are perfect where minimum cost combined with acceptable performance is required as in the case of economy footwear.

We also offer Non-Woven Insole Materials to complete a full range of insole materials.

Backer Materials

Our FLEXSTITCH and LEATHERLINE cellulosic and non woven Backer Materials in the thickness range of 0.30 mm to 1.5 mm are designed specifically for leather goods- characterized by a high degree of suppleness coupled with a high stitchability making them particularly suitable as backer material in wallets, handbags, briefcases and similar products.

Stiffeners Materials

TOELINE and BACKLINE range of Toe-Puff and Counter materials are available in Solvent Activated range with both woven and non-woven fabrics, as well as Thermo Activated range.

Fusible Interlinings for the shoes and garment industry from both plain and raised cotton and synthetic fabric in a full complement of colours can be offered.

We formulate our own thermoplastic adhesives and can offer products to achieve different activation times and temperatures to suit different types of leather.

Moulds, Heels, Wedges, Platforms, Toplifts

We manufacture moulds in our state of art Engineering Div with Spanish Technology on our latest CNC machines and have a capacity to inject over 10,000 pairs per day of veneer covered, painted, scratched-heels, wedges, platforms and toplifts etc on our latest Italian machines duly finished and tested to International standards.

Leather Veneers

Our veneer manufacturing produces several designs to match the latest trends.

Quality Manufacturing & Research

Our Quality Assurance function is integrated with our Production, leading to Quality Manufacturing. Our raw materials are subjected to stringent checks for quality and subsequent processing is on highly automated microprocessor controlled plants. Regular in-process and finished product testing is done on a statistical basis to ensure batch to batch consistencies. Both in-house and SATRA test reports are available on request.

Very close interaction between the various marketing and production teams in Lucknow allows rapid development of customized products.

Our corporate vision

Our corporate vision incorporates the thrust of all our group activities –
  • To be the prime source of materials for all major Indian manufacturers with our product range.
  • Applied R & D leveraging our core competencies to consolidated and extend cost reduction and emerge as the lowest cost material producer in the world.
  • Achieve corporate excellence as overall company credo as evidenced by an excellent customer rating with respect to product, delivery and service.